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1. What kind of system JULONG’s  products can support?

 WIN7, WIN8 , Vista, XP, Linux, Mac and Android

2. JULONG’s products can support how many point touch at most?

 We can support 4\6\8\10\12\20\32point touch for what you want

3. Why the screen show “no signal” when i start the machine

 Reason: it might be choose a wrong source of signal

 Measure: press TV key on the front frame and then choose the right signal source

4. What is the right order to open JULONG’s products?

  1) Connect the power cable proper,

  2) Make sure the IO button on the statue of I

  3) Press “power” key on the front frame

  4) Press PC-ON key on the front frame

5. What should I do when the touch pen is out of use?

 1) If it is infrared touch frame you can just touch with your finger or something opaque

 2) If it is used in magnetic board, you might need to check the battery

6. What kind of projector need to choose for JULONG’s whiteboard ?

It needs to meet the following 3 conditions:

1) The type should be front projector

2) Meet the resolution requirement of the pc

3) Brightness(ANSI)500 lumens

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